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Hello, my name is Roger Seng. I’m the owner and creative director of Salt City Garage, a creative studio based in Utah. I’m a digital storyteller and I love creating connections through digital experiences.

“Creating connections in the digital age”

I hope that you enjoy the content and experiences that I’m creating. Thank you again for visiting.

Dive into my world of content.

YouTube Channel



Otion Interactive

I started Otion Interactive to expand my offerings to businesses and brands that needed help. Since we opened our doors, our team has grown from just me. We specialize in building websites, creating stellar graphics, producing epic videos, and marketing their message.

Stoked Paddle Co.

I launched Stoked Paddle Company in the summer of 2020. But the behind the scenes work was 4 long years of branding, research, and production. We are an inflatable paddle board company that encourages adventurers and explorers to discover the outdoors even further.

Podcast Guest Spots

I really mean what I say and that i believe that creativity is collaboration. The podcast community has been very good to me and I’ve been very fortunate to be a guest on some podcasts. Give them a listen!

Much love to my amazing brand partners.

By using the links below, I do get a little referral kick-back from your purchase. Thank you for your support.